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DeviceBlocker.png nitrobit device blocker
Keep it to yourself – nitrobit device blocker protects sensitive information
By now, the focus of IT-security is on protecting customer data and intellectual property – with good reason: data loss is considered to be one of the highest company threats. Companies not protecting sensitive information against data theft, take many risks – maybe even their own future.
nitrobit device blocker helps minimizing those risks. The software focuses on controlling drive access with simple rules. By explicitly allowing – or denying access to hard drives, CD/DVD-drives and USB Sticks companies can effectively protect their sesitive data.
Functions of nitrobit device blocker
Device Access
nitrobit device blocker controls access to different volume types and restricts read or write access if needed. The following volume types can be distinguished:
  • Hard Disks
    All used hard disks within the computer
  • CD/DVD devices
    All CD and DVD devices
  • Removeable Storage
    All devices that are using floppy disks, SD-cards, ZIP- and MO-media
  • Network Drives
    All network drives that are using Windows/CIFS or the WebDAV-Protocol
  • Plug and Play devices
    All storage devices connected via a Plug and Play Bus, i.e. USB sticks and USB-hard disks as well as similar IEEE-1394 devices.
Volume access can be configured with a rich set of rules:
  • Different modes of access types:
    No access, read only, full access.
  • Path Exceptions
    Access rules based on filesystem paths, i.e.: \\server\home\%username% or *.exe.
  • Device identification
    Different access rules depending on manufacturer and product.
  • Management of serial numbers
    Access control via USB-serial numbers.
Deactivating Communication Ports
nitrobit device blocker can inhibit data communication with external devices. The following communication ports can be distinguished:
  • COM ports
  • LPT ports
  • Infrared interfaces
  • Bluetooth interfaces
Data Loss Prevention
nitrobit device blocker protects your interlectual property and sensitive customer information:
  • Determine which USB-Sticks are allowed to be used.
  • Control the access to data on servers and network shares.
  • Prohibit the access to applications, that are saved on removeable storage devices.
  • Allow the use of identified USB-Sticks only.
Supported Environments
nitrobit device blocker can be used on the following operating systems:
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 2008
  • Windows 7
If you consider to control volume access with group policies we recommend to use nitrobit policy extensions. It includes the whole feature set of nitrobit device blocker; furthermore, it offers central management in a Microsoft Active Directory or nitrobit group policy environment.
nitrobit device blocker
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